Tula kola nut will give you a glutinous sensation when you chew it directly. Because it is chewy and sweet you can also call it “African Chewing Gum” fruit. Silky kola is one of the most potent and super-fast aphrodisiacs. It treats a lot of diseases but most commonly used for fertility issues.
Snot Apple ( Silky kola or Goron Tula)  is a natural Sex Sweetner fruit. It is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac you can ever use as a woman to keep your man only for yourself. It upgrades your vagina to the fullest. It makes you horny and wet your vagina by production of slippery, slimmy vaginal fluid that makes you and your man to enjoy sex. After eating and chewing it like chewing gum and sucking up all the juice and remove the shaft. The shaft is used for vaginal tightening. The fruit is recommended for those that hardly get wet during sex or those that dries up easily during sex or those with dryness vagina, or those trying to conceive ( Natural Fertility fruit) Or Cure Vaginal infections. It is rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-malarial, anti-hyper- glycemic and in absorbing iron. Natural oestrogen booster. Trust me, oga will personally leave all the side chicks and second wife and nothing like oga release it's paining me.
The fruit is soaked in hot water for  1hr or more. Open the fruit to remove the inside seeds. Put the fruit in your mouth and chew like chewing gum and suck up the juice. We will send you the step by step procedures on how to eat the fruit ones you receive it. And how to use as vaginal tightening, send a message to our customer support team. WhatsApp  +2348138865700
Yes, it is very healthy for pregnant mothers.
Yes, breastfeeding or nursing mothers can eat the fruit.
Yes, this is the best fruit for a TTC woman. The fruit is a natural female fertility booster. Place yourself on this fruit for 3 months and see the miracle of God. We have had many testimonies. Natural oestrogen booster.
No, You eat anytime you wish but on the procedures we will send to you.
It depends on body system. Two different people have two different body systems. As you can not tell how long an orange you eat for Vit C will last on your body, so does the snot apple. Or Carrot you eat for Vit A. That's how you can not determine how long exactly it will last. When you feel in your body system that you are not having enough vaginal fluid, you eat the fruit.
it does not have any side effects. This is a natural fruit like Orange, Apple, Udara (agbalumo or Star apple)  Watermelon, Banana and other fruits.  If there is no side effect of eating these fruits, there can never be any side effects of eating Snot Apple.